As a digitization consulting company, we specialize in helping clients leverage new technologies and custom-built solutions that meet their specific data, reporting, and inspection requirements. We believe that empowering our clients to have control over their data is critical for business. We have built a vast network of software platforms, technologies, and people to offer clients as many solutions as possible.

These are some of our programs that can offer you end to end solutions within our network.



Never fail a pipeline audit again when using our solutions. We have a full suite of options tailored to your company’s Pipeline Integrity Program.

Pipeline Integrity Operations Manuals
(PIOM Manuals)

Customized/Digitized manual of written procedures for conducting operations and maintenance activities and for emergency response.

Pipeline Management Software Program

VR SCADA Platform
Alarm Management
Predictive Maintenance Ideology
Control Narrative Development
Architecture Drawing Development
Alarm Management
Strategies Migration

Pipeline Digitized Reporting and Scheduling

Pigging Records
ROW Inspections
Pipeline Risk Assessment
Pipeline Corrosion Mitigation
Batch Recording
Blowdown Events
Pipeline ESD Calibration
Pipeline Shutdown Systems Function
Test and Calibration


We can streamline your Fugitive Emission Reporting.

Utilizing the Muddy Boots Online “Connect” feature, create corrective actions with Custom Workflows and notifications of any leaks found during an inspection.

Connected Digital Solutions can connect your Emissions data management solutions by offering a streamlined option to schedule, record, and track all Fugitive Emission Inspections from any service provider or software system.

Utilizing the Muddy Boots Online “Connect” feature, creating corrective actions with Custom Workflows and notifications of any leaks found during an inspection. Muddy Boots “Connect” feature ensures your inspection reports, associated deficiencies, decision records, and follow-up work remain connected together in one platform.

Emission Reporting
Pneumatic Device Vent Gas Volume Reporting and Maintenance
Wellsite Fugitive Emission Screenings
LDAR: Fugitive Emission Leak Management
SCVF Testing
Blowdown and Unscheduled Releases reporting.
Pig Launches / Receipts
Compressor Shutdowns / Startups
FFV Log Tracking


We offer Oil & Gas producers a smarter and more cost-effective ways to manage regulatory and safety programs. With our experienced personal we offer a custom set of Safety and Regulatory inspections and activities, tailored to meet their business needs that will save them money by having everything done and captured in one visit.

D-13 well suspended program
Lease and Site Mapping
ROW Inspections
QR Code Tagging (Digitize Assets)
Operations Assessment
Production Optimization Reporting
Site Safety Inspections
Fugitive Emissions Screening
Pneumatic Device Retrofit Tracking
SCVF Tests
Create and Maintain Flow Schematics
meeting all AER D017 requirements.

Contract Operating

Our contract operating program provides clients with experienced personnel to manage their day-to-day operations.

Remote Well Monitoring

With our advanced technology, we can monitor oil and gas wells remotely in real-time.

Data & Asset Management

Our data and asset management program is designed to help clients organize and optimize their assets.

Maintenance Scheduling

Let us manage your maintenance scheduling to ensure that your oil and gas machines and equipment are always operating efficiently.

Fleet Management Programs

These programs provide management solutions for oil and gas field equipment fleet to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and prevent breakdowns and downtime.

Relief Operating

With our relief operating program, we provide clients with highly skilled personnel to cover any personnel shortages they may experience.

Field Management Programs

Our field management programs are designed to help clients optimize the management of their oil and gas fields.

Operate by Exception Programs

Our operate by exception programs enable clients to focus on the most critical issues in their oil and gas operations.

Field Data Capture Software

We provide field data capture software to help clients capture and manage data from their oil and gas operations.

Field Sample Collecting and Reporting

This program involves collecting samples from oil and gas field operations and analyzing them to provide insights that optimize production processes.

Pneumatic Device Retrofit Tracking

This rogram involves retrofitting traditional pneumatic devices with modern control systems to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Automation Techs

With our highly trained automation techs, we can help clients optimize their oil and gas automation processes.

SCADA Platform

Our cutting-edge SCADA platform is designed to provide clients with real-time data and control of their oil and gas processes. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.

It refers to a system that is used to monitor and control industrial processes, often in industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater treatment, and power generation. It involves collecting real-time data from sensors and equipment and sending this data to a central system where it can be analyzed and used to make decisions about the operation of the process.

PLC Programming Techs

Our team of PLC programming techs has the skills and expertise to program and maintain PLCs for our clients. PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. It is a digital computer that is designed to control industrial processes and machinery, particularly in manufacturing and production settings.

PLCs are programmable, meaning they can be programmed to handle a wide range of inputs and outputs, and they work by receiving input signals from sensors and using those signals to make decisions about how to control the machinery or process in question.

Site Specific SOP’s

This program involves developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are tailored to specific oil and gas field operations to ensure consistent and efficient performance.

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. SOPs are documented processes and procedures that outline a series of steps to be followed in order to complete a task or handle a specific situation.

They are commonly used in businesses and organizations to ensure proper and safe operations.

Optimization Programs

Optimization programs, commonly referred to as optimization software or algorithms, are computational tools used to solve complex problems by finding the best possible solution or set of solutions. These programs aim to maximize or minimize a specific objective function while considering various constraints and variables.

These programs can greatly improve efficiency, reduce costs, maximize profits, optimize resource allocation, and improve decision-making in various industries and domains.


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